But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are a like a day. -2 Peter 3:8

How unbelievable is Amazon Prime? I mean, literally almost when you order something, it arrives at your doorstep. It is mind boggling to even try to think about how this happens. How can the warehouse so near to each of us have everything that we could possibly need? And how do they know what we need anyway? It truly is a wonder of the 21st century. Click-click, ding-dong...your item has arrived. And this is exactly how our Jesus provides for us, only better. Yes, so much better. We think of something that we need, we lift a prayer up to him, we ask for help as we travel through our days. And then, when the timing is right, our answer arrives. Now it may not come as fast as Amazon Prime, but that is only because the desires of our heart and prayers lifted up come in Jesus's timing. Perfect timing. He delivers when and how for He knows best. As we pray daily to our Lord and Savior we can know with all certainty that He hears each and every moan we make; he answers even when there is no answer for a time; he never misses even one of our calls to Him in any way. That is what we can know as "prime" perfection, found only in the person Jesus Christ our Lord. 



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