Could I Have a Little Bit of That, Please?

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. -Psalm 47:1

I am blessed to have the most wonderful delivery service in the world. I don't know if you have experienced something like this, to meet someone who speaks with unbridled love for our Lord. Not just once, not twice, but each and every time we speak. The man who owns this service has a delightful lyrical accent, and his accent alone would make your day. It is almost as if he is singing when he speaks. But it's not only that. He has such an unbelievable way about him that I want to have something delivered every day just to be able to share a moment or two in time with him on the phone. Sweetness just spills out from him from the word "hello". He always opens the conversation with a blessing to you for the day, and as he continues on, his words overflow with joy and love for the Lord. It is remarkable. So I always hang up and ask the Lord, "Could I have a little bit of that, please?", that joy in the Lord, that overflowing of gratefulness for the day, even if it is raining outside, even if things haven't gone particularly well so far? He exudes a complete and obvious love for the Lord. It flows out of him like a golden river, just taking you along for the loveliest ride ever. So, here's to my precious friend who brightens up my day, and here's to each of us as we greet our day with hope and joy and love in the Lord. May we share our complete and utter love for Jesus with each and every word we say.